Academy Staff

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Sean Aikman

Academic Director


Sean is a graduate of The South Kent
School, Moravian College, The School for
International Training, The Royal Military
College of Science (Defence Academy of the
United Kingdom), the University of Brussels,
and has recently completed the coursework,
with Highest Distinction, in a Doctorate of
Education where he is scheduled to defend
his thesis late in 2023.

Program Vision

The Academy represents the Connecticut
Chiefs commitment to preparing players for
college (and) hockey success. The Hockey
Academy supports students on their
individual college hockey pathways;
facilitating personal development in
research, time-management, leadership,
entrepreneurship, communication, public
speaking, critical thinking, and collaboration
within a safe and supportive team
environment. The Academy’s mission is to
develop scholar-athletes, and lifelong
learners, who are well-equipped to balance
the rigorous demands placed upon elite
college athletes.

Contact Information

Sean Aikman
(212) 300-3423 cell