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The CT Chiefs are looking for Billet Families for the 2024-2025 season.

  • What is a "Host or Billet" family?

    A "billet" comes from a medieval Latin word that's defined as "A civilian house where soldiers are lodged temporarily."

    While you are not housing "soldiers," you are providing a residence for those who are living far from their home like a soldier would be doing.

    The CT Chiefs are looking for families to host young athletes from all across the United States and around the globe. Young men giving their all to pursue their dream of playing hockey at its highest levels. These young people typically range from 14 to 20-years-of age.

    The role of a host family is instrumental to our players in providing them a home in which to live while they strive for excellence in hockey.

    Host families provide structure, accountability and often become an extended family, especially to our younger players, thus providing them a "home-away-from-home" environment to remain focused and compelled to achieve.

    Hosting a CT Chiefs player is also an excellent experience for your family. Whether you have a house full of kids or you're living alone, these young men bring energy and excitement to your home. In addition to making new friends, you get to know the players and their wonderful families and the other hosting families associated with our organization.


    Hosting, or “billeting,” a player is a hockey tradition.  From youth players in Canada to junior players in the United States to the AHL and the NHL, billeting has helped many young athletes get acclimated to their new cities, schools, and teams. 

    Players arrive in the Newington, CT area in early September and stay through the end of the hockey season, typically around mid-to-late March or early April. However, high school players will likely remain through the end of the school year to finish their education and begin their off-season training.

    Host families receive a monthly stipend to offset some of the typical expenses incurred while hosting. Still, the real benefit to our host families is the satisfaction in impacting someone's life in such a positive way and, of course, the lasting relationships formed with these young players and their families.


    • Provide a furnished room for the player or a furnished room to share with another billet player.
    • Provide nutritious meals for the player or have food on hand that the player can prepare independently.
    • Allow the player to use amenities in the home such as the internet, TV, washer, dryer, etc.
    • Players are considered “one of the family,” not just a boarder. So, we ask that the host family provide structure for the player by creating  “home rules” and helping enforce team rules relating to curfew, visitors, and standards of behavior.
    • Comply with USA Hockey screening requirements.


    • Follow all host family and team rules and show respect and consideration towards all family members.  If any house rules are broken, the player may be released from the CT Chiefs.
    • Provide their bed and bath linens, personal care items, cell phones, and computers.
    • Provide for their transportation unless other arrangements are made with the billet family.
    • Take care of their room, including keeping it clean and doing their laundry.
    • Notify the host family of their whereabouts and stay in the billet home each night unless traveling with the CT Chiefs.
    • When traveling to away games, players are responsible for their meals.
    • Seek part-time employment or take high school or college courses in their free time.
    • Make monthly stipend payments to the host family on the first of each month as negotiated between the player and a CT Chiefs.

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We value the importance of our host families and appreciate your willingness to open up your home and become a mentor to our young athletes. 

Your generosity will not be taken for granted!